Google Launches Schemer — A Mashup of Events, Mustaches, Brands and Check-Ins

You may have heard some rumblings around the Internet about Google’s new “Schemer” product, which sounds like it’s a mashup between Facebook Events and Foursquare.  Although the product is still in Beta, I thought I’d take a look at some of the reported features before we take it for a spin on its launch.

Officially, Schemer is about listing things you want to do, finding new things to do, doing those things and checking in and sharing those plans with others.  The essential element of Schemer is a “What do you want to do today” box, which allows you to post a scheme that lists your desired plan for the day.  You can then use all of Google’s great tools to figure out how to get that done, then mark it off on your list.  It’s something like a task list in that sense.

I must say, the idea is intriguing.  I use a whole host of task lists, but a place to kind of list the fun things I want to do in the next while would be cool.  My friends could take a look at my schemes and join the ones they want, and this could be a cool tool to use.

Google is also targeting brands with this, and have launched their Schemer Beta with some cool brands including: Entertainment Weekly, IGN and Rolling Stone.  Using IGN as an example, we can see that they list some of their favorite schemes, like “Looking for retro games to buy in Chicago at People Play Games,” and users are able to join in on that scheme when they visit the store.  This of course hints at the marketing potential for the tool, as well.

If you’re interested in Schemer, check out this meaningless promotional video.  Although you may enjoy the mustaches.