Google Glass Makes an Appearance at NYC Fashion Show

It’s been some months since Google started accepting pre-orders for the Google Glass heads up display, so the gadget was probably slipping from the public conscience. That makes today’s news quite timely.

Google was on hand yesterday at the latest DBF fashion show. They had worked with the designer, one Diane Von Furstenberg, to integrate Google Glasses with several of the outfits on display. The units on display have been customized with new covers which match the color schemes on the models. Sergey Brin was there, and according to the NYTimes he was wearing a pair with a turquoise stem.

Here’s more from the article:

Well, the line between artistic statement and marketing opportunity became blurry a long time ago at Fashion Week, especially at Lincoln Center, where the event is named after a car (Mercedes-Benz, if you need ask). So Ms. von Furstenberg did not seem to have a problem with putting Google products on her runway, specifically the Glass by Google.

The units on display were used to shoot a film from the model’s point of view. It’s going to be released later this week and let everyone have a taste of how the models see these shows. You can visit the DVF Google+ page to see more photos.

As interesting as this idea may be, Google wasn’t the first to use it. One trade show in China has been having models walk a runway to show off new tablets for at least a couple years now. Of course, that wasn’t quite so striking as having the models wear the new tech but it is much the same idea.