Google Glass Hacked with QR Code

Someday, will you have to worry about getting hacked by graffiti or posters?

Today on the Morning Media Menu, we discussed how Lookout security reportedly hacked Google Glass using a QR codes.

Google has since corrected the vulnerability, but it shows how different the world will be when every single surface has potential for digital interaction.

Check it out:

We analyzed how to make QR codes based on configuration instructions and produced our own “malicious” QR codes. When photographed by an unsuspecting Glass user, the code forced Glass to connect silently to a “hostile” WiFi access point that we controlled. That access point in turn allowed us to spy on the connections Glass made, from web requests to images uploaded to the Cloud. Finally, it also allowed us to divert Glass to a page on the access point containing a known Android 4.0.4 web vulnerability that hacked Glass as it browsed the page.

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(Link via The Guardian)