Google Docs Android Support Mobile Hole Filled by GDocs App? But, Which One? There are Two!

One of Google’s big mobile apps holes is the lack of good way for Android (or any smartphone platform) users touse Google Docs documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The ability to create and edit these documents on my phone is at the top of my mobile wish list. If fact, my top unanswered mobile question is: Can Google Docs document types be editing on an iPad?

I was plesed to find that Android Tapp has a nice little review of an app named GDocs which can view, edit, and sync documents from a Google Docs account. This sound interesting enough to fire up the Android Market app on my Nexus One and search for “gdocs”. However, two apps with the name from two developers appeared in the search result list:

GDocs from WildArt: GDocs is a editor/viewer for your Google Documents. It is an Android application that allows you create, edit, view, import, export and send documents as well sync documents with your Google Docs account.

GDocs Notepad With Sync from mobdev, inc.: This is a notepad app that syncs with Google Docs. It supports working offline, searching your notes, many languages, and two-way sync.

Both are free apps with 4 star ratings (out of a possible 5). But, I not too keen to type in my Google Docs password into a third party app of relatively unknown origins. So, I won’t be trying either one right now.