190M Android Devices Activated, Google Sees $2.5B For Mobile Revenue Run-Rate

Fresh off Google’s quarterly earnings call today, we got some new numbers to help illuminate the size of Android’s overall footprint.

Google chief executive Larry Page said that there have been 190 million Android devices activated. This compares to the 250-million figure for cumulative iOS devices sold that Apple shared last week when it unveiled the iPhone 4S. Given Android’s pace, it’s likely that we’ll see the platform overtake iOS within the next six months.

Keep in mind though that the numbers both companies are using don’t factor in consumers that might have bought or activated more than one phone because they are upgrading to a new model. Here at Inside Network, we sometimes look at the footprint of Facebook’s smartphone clients as a proxy for the size of the overall active user base excluding China. By that metric, the Facebook iPhone app has 91.5 million monthly active users to the Facebook for Android app’s 69.4 million.

Google also said that it’s seeing a $2.5 billion revenue runrate for its mobile business this year. Presumably, much of it must come from mobile search or display advertising, but Page declined to break out how mobile revenue breaks down between all of these various sources.

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