Google Adds Mobile Support for AdWords

Everything happens in real time nowadays, even ad management. To wit, Google is adding mobile support for AdWords, giving advertisers and agencies the option of managing their accounts on the go.
Customers won’t be able to access the full suite of AdWords functions—forget about starting a new campaign or adding keywords from your phone—but will be able to execute several core AdWords functions, such as changing bid prices, ending campaigns and deleting keywords. Users can customize AdWords alerts available for the parts of their account from which they want constant feedback.
At launch Google is supporting users with iPhone, Android and Palm devices. It won’t work with BlackBerry, however. The mobile interface is available to all account holders in English. Google plans to begin rolling it out today.
“It’s simply the real-time nature of the channel,” said Matt Strain, principal at search shop Trademark Interactive, who has tested the mobile version. “It allows us to see and adjust any fluctuations outside of the norm.”
The new interface came after advertisers requested mobile access, according to a Google spokesperson. Google in 2008 created the Adwords Advisory Council, a group of agency and advertiser representatives that gave feedback to Google on changes to the user interface of AdWords. One bit of feedback included, per Google: cut down on horizontal scrolling.
Previously, iPhone 3GS users could access AdWords, although the experience was slow. Users of other phones were out of luck. Google said it would work toward support for BlackBerry devices.
Microsoft does not currently offer a mobile version of its search ad system.

Strain said Microsoft has to catch up in more than just market share, but also in the tools offered advertisers.
“Microsoft, as a software company, needs to embrace, or flat out create, the kinds of tools and technology to empower the search marketer,” he said. “If they want to have any stake in this game, they need to focus as much on the process of search marketing as they do indexing results for the engine. If they build great tools, more advertisers will be attracted to what the combined Yahoo/Bing can provide.”