Goodwill Fixing the Wrong Facts and Figures


Our second correction or update or whatever you’d like to call it, comes from Holly Goodlife at Goodwill, who wasn’t really correcting us, but rather, letting us know about an error in the quote we pulled concerning a story about her company teaming up with Nick Graham to form a recycled clothing label:

Thanks for your coverage of Goodwill Industries in your article “Nick Graham Pairs Up with Goodwill to Deliver New Old Products.”

You quoted the SF Gate article as saying: “the ultimate ambition of taking the line to the mass market and, in the process, saving 75 percent of all its donated items from ending up as landfill.”

We currently divert 75% of all our donations from landfill through resale and recycling, and our goal is to divert 100%. This correction has also been sent to SF Gate and they will be running a correction online and in Sunday’s paper.

We are very proud of our environmental work, and some of our donors have been distressed to read this misinformation.

Duly noted, Holly. Thanks much for the update.