Good Thing We Wouldn’t Know How To Buy Real Estate If You Paid Us


First THOR, now Blue. We always thought the LES was kinda edgy — that’s why we technically hang our hand in the EV, but now Tschumi’s getting involved? Doing a residential structure? Hasn’t he never, um, done a building to live in? No, no he hasn’t. As the Times points out today,

He has a portfolio of high-profile buildings to his credit, but Bernard Tschumi, the internationally known architect and former dean of the Columbia University architecture school, had never designed a residential structure.

Only Tschumi we’re closely acquainted with is Parc de la Villette which he has talked about in every single public speech we have ever seen him give (from intimate school settings to enormous League events). It’s cool to have your favorite, we understand, but we’re going to go on the record here and say we’re a little skeptical about this building.

Curbed‘s got a nice press release that they somehow managed to wrangle out of those coy kids, along with an image that shows exactly how cough well the structure’s going to fit into the LES-scape.

Tschumi, via Times:

“I had always heard that doing it was a formula requiring no real architecture…”

Um, yeah. That’s bold. At least it’s not like any of his peers have done really high-profile residential buildings in New York. Because that would be awkward.