Good News From Snow

From Ken Herman:

    Positive news today on the progress of White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, who again is battling cancer.

    On May 12, Snow will be the commencement speaker at Catholic University of America.

    The Very Rev. David M. O’Connell, president of the Washington D.C. school, said he is a longtime admire of Snow’s “objectivity and integrity as a journalist.”

    “His current position as White House press secretary has provided him with an incomparable stage upon which to bring those qualities to bear in the work that he does. Sitting next to him at a White House dinner last summer, I was impressed with his sincere manner, good humor and the ease with which he spoke of the role faith has played in his life,” O’Connell said. “I am sure than in recent days his faith has been both tested and strengthened. His acceptance of my invitation to CUA, as he continues to battle cancer, demonstrates that faith and strength. We are proud to welcome him to campus.”

    Snow’s commencement speech topic: “Reason, Faith, Vocation.”