Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Crazy or festive?

“Hannukah on my mind? swear I just read a headline, ‘Earth’s Moon May Have Latkes.’ — ABC News’s Rick Klein.

Forget Bradley Cooper, there’s George

“@GStephanopoulos without question is…. #sexiestmanalive” — Ali Wentworth, Comedian and wife of ABC’s GMA George Stephanopoulos.

Party crasher prides himself on ‘politeness’

“Nice to be known as polite I suppose.” — Media Matters writer Joe Strupp who tried to crash Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson’s party for Jack Abramoff on Wednesday night.

Communications exec David Bass’s wife, Hope, shows off her stylish bingo person at the Abramoff book party. We’re not sure what the deeper meaning (or meaning) behind it is, but she wanted it documented.

Party down at Teatro Goldoni

“Sheer fun.” — Publicist Janet Donovan‘s description for FishbowlMatt’s farewell soiree last night at Teatro Goldoni. Scribes like Politico‘s Patrick Gavin, Karin Tanabe, The Hill‘s Judy Kurtz, Roll Call‘s Neda Semnani, USA Today‘s Jackie Kucinich, TWT‘s Emily Miller, and CBS’s Christine Delargy were in the mix. Other guests: Nick Massella, Meghan Smith, Kelley McCormick, Jared Allen, and Glenn Ballard (who sometimes wears macrobiotic clothing). Donovan donned dark sunglasses for the lovely, low-lit affair. And we learned this fun fact: Judy Kurtz (a.k.a. Howdy Judy, Howeesha, Howlma) told us the nickname her friends call her. It’s Jew-dog. or Ju-dog. It was this Fishbowl writer’s first encounter with her. A pleasure to meet you, Howiella.

Reporter plays matchmaker for soldier

“Sgt. Scott Moore, the Marine attending the birthday ball with Mila Kunis, just cracked us up at Marine Corps Times. He sees me as a ‘wingman’ in getting his date.” — Army Times’ Dan Lamothe. Moore credited Lamothe for posting his video and landing the date. Read here.

Tschida hears noises in the night

“Sounds like someone stomping around upstairs at night. getting LOUDER. exterminator says it has to be a raccoon. I just hope it is.” — ABC7’s wild train rider and all around Drama King Stephen Tschida.

AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

“Who the F is Lewis?” — An AnonymASS reader writes in after our post on The Daily Caller‘s Media Writer Matt Lewis after our post yesterday.