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Quotes of the Day: The Nearly All Female Cast

The Prognosticator

“Cain isn’t running a campaign, he launched a soap opera.. voters will not want to watch much longer, I suspect.” — WaPo‘s conservative issues blogger Jennifer Rubin.

Anatomy of a sex scandal

“Law of sexual scandal: There is no such thing as two. Either a 1-person thing (Sanford) or lots of women (Weiner, Clinton).” — The Atlantic‘s Garance Franke-Ruta. Of course, this was before the third woman came forward regarding Cain.

Journo wants to set Cain’s COS free

“Why isn’t Mark Block smoking on Fox News right now? Let Block be Block!!” — HuffPost‘s Amanda Terkel.

Editorial disagreements

“I think ‘presidentials’ should be a word, referring to the candidates. But spell check doesn’t agree. Neither does my editor.” — TWT Senior Opinion Writer Emily Miller.

Politico CLICK screws up Bob Barker embargo: At the conclusion of their interview with the ex-game show host who visited Capitol Hill this week to fight for animal rights, they wrote, “Editor’s Note: Due to a production error, POLITICO inadvertently broke the embargo on this story. We regret the error.” The story published at 6:47 a.m. Wednesday morning.

AP’s Hunt steps back and assesses

“Herman Cain campaign manager goes on Fox to demand an apology from Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Somewhere, Mitt Romney is smiling.” — AP‘s Kasie Hunt.

Weingarten launches Mel Gibson’s campaign for Prez

“Man, this GOP field. They need someone comparatively solid and stable and ‘safe’ to get in that race, like Mel Gibson.” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten. If this happens, we want Weingarten as Gibson’s Chief of Staff.

Fake Jim predicts what’s next for Cain

“TOMORROW ON POLITICO: Only female employee at NRA not harassed by Cain sues for discrimination” — Fake Jim VandeHei.