Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Movie metaphor for weekend debt ceiling debate

“This isn’t Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day was funny and had an ending.” — The Hill‘s White House Correspondent Sam Youngman in a Friday tweet. This was before Congress began to budge on a debt deal. A Senate vote is expected today at 2 p.m.

Reporter leans on anonymous sourcing

“It’s so sensitive that a lot of the conversations that i have at least are assumed to be on background. They don’t want their names or even their bosses attached to the information. The bargain is I will tell you here what’s happening behind the scenes, but you can’t give me up.” — Politico‘s Jonathan Martin on CNN “Reliable Sources” Sunday on using anonymous sources to update the Congressional debt story.

Blogger explains f*@%-filled hashtag

“It was the Pinot Noir talking, Howie.” — The Buzz Machine’s Jeff Jarvis on CNN “Reliable Sources” on Sunday explaining to Howard Kurtz his “Fuck You Washington” hashtag phenomenon. He said he had two glasses of wine and the “threw it out there.” Kurtz asked, “What would you have written after three glasses of wine?” Jarvis: “You don’t want to know.”

CNN butchers Weigel’s name

“CNN just called @DaveWeigel Dave “Wee-gul”. Good Fredricka.” — A California-based Progressive blogger who goes by the handle @GottaLaff in a Sunday tweet. To which Weigel remarked, “No respect, I tells ya.” Asked for other ways his name has been mangled, Slate‘s Dave Weigel explained, “Wee-gull or Why-GEL (hard g).” The correct way to pronounce Weigel is: WHY-gull.

Journo marvels over irony of middle name

“True story: ‘Hope’ is my middle name. #myparentshaveawonderfulsenseofirony” — Roll Call‘s Meredith Shiner in a weekend tweet.

More in movie metaphors…

“Durbin sat on park bench in #DC for 3hrs to clear mind this am over #debt” — NBC’s Luke Russert in a weekend tweet. To which Politico‘s Patrick Gavin wrote, “This debate now a Forrest Gump movie.”

Roland wants to smack cussing woman

“I hate when passenger whine about sitting on a plane when we land early. Gotta wait for a gate to open, fool!” — “Washington Watch” host Roland Martin in a Sunday tweet. Martin’s program is on hiatus until the fall. He continued his outrage, adding, “Ever been to a store before it opens? Same thing. Gotta wait for them to unlock door. Just wanna smack this cussing woman behind us on phone.”

What’s this about a ‘poop sandwich?’

“So I’m not saying omg Obama must be primaried or other emotional bs like that. But I am saying it’s legit to call a poop sandwich what it is.” — Media Matters’ Oliver Willis in a weekend tweet.

Bio of the Day

The Daily Caller‘s new Executive Editor David Martosko: “With all this manure, there must be a pony in here somewhere!” His Twitter handle: @EditMeDavid. His past: Nothing short of colorful with singing, swearing and public intoxication.

Superstitious journo

“I’m the only person in the office this morning. It’s eerily quiet. Storm’s a-comin. #sayingitsoitwonthappen” — WaPo Sports Editor Lindsay Applebaum in a weekend tweet. Watch out. She may get snappy if you call her “Lindsapple” on Twitter. (Shhh…it’s her Twitter handle.)