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Commenter (facetiously) wonders about TP in White House

“Gee, monkeying around with the vending machines. Nice to see the WHCA on top of the big issues. What next, adding two-ply toilet paper to the bathroom? What a joke.” — FBDC Commenter MBarry in a Thursday remark. This was in response to a story yesterday that reported that WHCA has secured more bottled water for the White House Press Corps over Mountain Dew or iced tea.

Intern benefits from NJ bolding

“On behalf of all Hill interns, I would like 2 thank @nationaljournal 4 bolding names of members. You make press clipping a little less awful.” — Colin Campbell, intern to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), in a Thursday tweet.


“I always find it awkward when flacks mishear what publications I work for & awesome [sic, we assume he means assume] its the New York Times instead of In These Times.” — Labor reporter Mike Elk in a Thursday tweet.

AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

“Ms Rothstein: Maybe Klein thinks you’re a bad journalist because you crank out word combinations like ‘Boy Band Sugar Daddy.’ You may find them clever and inventive; however such phrases strike the avg reader as meaningless and phony. Face it, Fishbowl: you’re not Variety. Stick to regular English if you want credibility.” — Anonymous writer to FBDC in response to our plea for WaPo‘s boy wonder blogger Ezra Klein to unblock us on Twitter. Note to Tipster: You had me at “crank.” When I wrote Boy Band Sugar Daddy, I was referring to Current TV host and fired MSNBCer Keith Olbermann, who once looked after young male journalists like Ezzy as a mother bear would her cubs or a pimp would his prostitutes. You may not like my words, but I do stand by them.

Washington Steams Up

“It is so hot in #Washington DC right now that I feel like my sweat is sweating.” NJ‘s Yochi Dreazen in a Thursday tweet.

“It’s so hot, my iphone is sweating.” — Writer Susanna Quinn, wife of lobbyist Jack Quinn, in a Thursday tweet.

One-sided Convo Between Journo and Actor

Alec Baldwin: Concorde Limo in NY. Worst car service I’ve ever had.

Current TV’s David Shuster: Hey spoiled, rich man: Drive yourself + stop whining.



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