Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Reporter has insomnia

“This should be interesting. A radio interview after insomnia has kept me up since like 1 am.” — TWT‘s White House reporter Kara Rowland in a Tuesday morning tweet.

Fake Jim V.’s take on Obama speech tweeters

“No no, don’t tweet links to full speech. I’d rather read 140 characters of fragmented text at a time w/ horseshit analysis sprinkled on top.” — FakeJimVandeHei in a Monday night tweet.

Warring about the War of the Roses

TBD Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry and wife, Mimi, had some movie moments Monday with this exchange: Mimi: Watching “War of the Roses” and laughing. That always freaks @stevebuttry out. Buttry: You laugh in all the wrong places.

Phish, Pink, Britney: D.C. journos reveal varied musical preferences

“Hate repeating rumors, but hearing @phish second leg dates today.” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman in a Tuesday tweet.

“Downloaded Pink’s greatest hits before last trip — pretty good but not great.” — CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry in a recent tweet.

“Listening to @BritneySpears’ new album #FemmeFatale while in line at DMV. It doesn’t disappoint if you like good club pop.” — Syndicated columnist and former Media Matters contributor Karl Frisch in a Tuesday morning tweet. We’re sure Britney got him through DMV hell.

A reporter copes with taxi shortage

“Is there a taxi strike today or something? Have gone 6 block and have yet to find a cab– none at either stand outside Watergate.” — NJ The Hotline’s Jessica Taylor in a Tuesday morning tweet.

What?! Jonah’s naked?

“Starting 2nd hour on 630WMAL. So far my nudity hasn’t been an issue.” — National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg in a Tuesday morning tweet.  [Insert body for radio joke here.]

Journo has gut feeling on Trump

“I know this is crazy, but a small part of me thinks that maybe Trump is just looking for some free publicity.” — RealClearPolitics’s Scott Conroy in a Monday tweet.

Blogger faces another doctor’s appointment

“The last time I felt this optimistic about a doctor’s appointment, I was told I’d need more surgery. Hope my gut is right this time.” — The Daily Caller‘s “Daily Trawler” blogger Jim Treacher (a.k.a. Sean Medlock) in a Tuesday morning tweet. Treach was hit by a State Department vehicle last year and has had multiple knee surgeries.

TWT scribe suggests Sheen strategy for Obama

“When people ask Obama, what’s the exit strategy? He should just say #winning.” — TWT‘s Eli Lake in a Monday night tweet.