Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Elizabeth Edwards talks with Tim Russert

“One of my favorite pictures of my dad is him talking to Elizabeth Edwards in NH in early ’08. May she be risen.” — NBC’s Luke Russert in a Tuesday tweet accompanied by the above photograph.

Remembering Elizabeth

“I’d spent a little bit of time with Elizabeth Edwards in Iowa, she was unlike any other political spouse I’d ever met.” — Roll Call Editor Christina Bellantoni in a Tuesday night tweet.

Major Garrett rejoins ‘cool kids

“As you might imagine, last night’s Christmas party I was a print reporter rejoining the cool kids as a print reporter. I will not be there Friday for the Broadcast party.” — NJ‘s Major Garrett on MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown” this morning. But seriously, we know who the real cool kids are (wink wink Slate‘s Dave Weigel).

Journo feeling joy of season

“I’ve been to a couple of WH xmas parties now in both Bush & Obama admins and I have to say, they’re always magical & live up to expectations.” — Politico‘s Amie Parnes in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Noisy awfulness

“Why a car alarm? Why now?” — National Review’s Kathryn Lopez in a Wednesday morning tweet.

D.C. Reporter: ‘A bag of bones cannot carry a child’

“I think Rachel Zoe is faking her pregnancy. A bag of bones cannot carry a child. Has anyone seen a photo?” asks Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller in a Tuesday Facebook update on the celeb stylist. Politics Daily‘s “Woman Up” writer  Donna Trussell replies, “Oooooo I just googled images. Yikes.” Miller then casts an investigative eye on the matter: “I meant has anyone seen photographic EVIDENCE that the bag of bones is with child. I just think she’s pretending for PR.”

Blame it on the office

“I think I need to have the home office tested for Inertia.” — Slate‘s John Dickerson in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Kurtz lips are sealed – sort of

“Just back from WH Xmas party. A no-tweeting rule was imposed so my lips are sealed! Have to save it for my memoir.” — The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz wildly holding himself back in a Tuesday night tweet. To be fair to Howie, he wasn’t the only jouno to tweet about the no-tweeting rule — Bellantoni was also among the non-tweeting tweeters.

Happy Birthday to Ann Coulter. Secret she doesn’t want you know: The GOP pundit is not as vicious as she wants you to think. Also birthday wishes to Bloomberg TV‘s Lizzie O’Leary, a Fishbowl regular.

White House Correspondents’ Association Entertainment for the April 2011 scholarship dinner: SNL‘s “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Myers — first reported by Politico‘s Mike Allen.