Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Moment of regret

“A Truly Sad Commentary: I managed to drink all the overpriced diet cokes available in the hotel room fridge #overcaffeinationfail” — Talking Points Memo founder, Editor and Publisher Josh Marshall in a Monday tweet.

Reporter faces emotional decision

“Just got the invite to the high school reunion. Wow. Big gulp. BIG gulp.” — WaPo‘s Federal Eye Blogger Ed O’Keefe in a Monday tweet.

Weigel calmly responds to insult

“Weigel is a passive aggressive asshole,” writes a follower called @whoohah. To which Slate’s Dave Weigel replies, “An insult. I’m not passive.”

Does this ‘druken’ message on GOP sound slurry?

“GOP spends like druken[sic] sailors, get us in recession and Dems have to sober up so the rest of the country can one day enjoy the party too.” — Democratic pundit and CNN Contributor Donna Brazile in a Monday tweet.

Well wishes for Elizabeth Edwards

“Hang in there Elizabeth. You’re loved by many.” — Lance Armstrong in a Monday tweet to Elizabeth Edwards, whose cancer has returned. This note was retweeted by NBC’s Norah O’Donnell.

More on Edwards…

“Tragic Elizabeth Edwards vigil reminds you what a scumbag John Edwards really was.” — Patrick Ruffini, GOP strategist, in a Monday tweet.

A scribe self-analyzes

“Just listed every TV show I watch. I am disgusting.” — Daily Caller intern Alec Jacobs in a Monday tweet.

N.Y. writer transfixed on D.C. journo

“The Morning Joe segment on Patrick Gavin’s Christmas card, cats and being in the bathroom w his wife was riveting stuff.” — Author Jeremy Scahill in a Monday tweet about Gavin, the Politico Click reporter. Scahill wrote Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army. He’s a radio correspondent forDemocracy Nowand contributes to The Nation.