Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers



“I always feel bad for the loser believe it or not.” — FNC “On the Record” host Greta Van Susteren Wednesday night. The above photograph is a “compassion rose.”

Editor uses ‘woof’ in self-description

“CVS manager just complimented me for having a — quote — very young-looking face. He’s never seen me at 6:30 a.m. Woof.”  — Washington Exmainer Features Editor Jaque Jo Bland in a Wednesday tweet.

Meghan McCain dating tips

“I’m very controversial which works well on dates but not so well in my public life.” The Daily Beast columnist and Dirty, Sexy, Politics author Meghan McCain on Jay Leno Wednesday night.

Reporter loses keepsake

“Very sad. Just realized that I lost scarf that was a very special gift at East Room presser today. Major bummer.” — TWT’s White House reporter Kara Rowland in a Wednesday tweet.

Down to the wire

“In Florida to deliver a speech I have not written yet.” Washington Examiner‘s White House correspondent Julie Mason.

Scribe finds perfect eyeshadow

“I’m super happy that the GOP took back the house and all that… but I’m BEYOND ECSTATIC that I found the Urban Decay naked eyeshadow palette after a three month hunt!” — Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller in a Wednesday Facebook post.

Andrea Mitchell and the gang

“On 8:30 getaway shuttle from nyc looks like a press bus: Bob Schieffer Chris Wallace Wolf Blitzer all heading home the campaign is over.” — NBC News Washington Bureau Chief Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday on Twitter.

RedState contributor disappointed in POTUS’s S’s

“I HATE the President’s whistling S’s. I can handle Rudy’s lisp, but the whistling s…. grrrrr.” — Dina Fraioli, a contributor to and speechwriter for conservative candidates, voicing a complaint about President Obama. (Now that conservatives fared so well Tuesday, the contributor can focus on what’s really important – stamping out excessive s’s.)