Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Cream-filled Blankley

The Fashion Critic

Tony Blankley‘s suit hurts my eyes.” — The Daily Caller‘s TV writer Jeff Poor in a Sunday tweet on the Executive Veep of Edelman public relations. See Blankley’s creamy Sunday TV ensemble above from his appearance on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” program.

The prognosticator

“Suspect POTUS’s opening statement will go something like this: ‘At least I tried.'” — The Hill‘s White House Correspondent Sam Youngman in a Sunday tweet.

Kate inquires about Kate’s waist

“Who’s got the over/under on Kate Middleton‘s waist size?” — Capitol File Magazine Editor Kate Bennett in a weekend tweet.

Journo love

“David Gregory is on his game this morning. Hard-hitting interviews with both Secretary Geithner and @timpawlenty. #meetthepress” — Huffpost Front Page Editor Chris Gentilviso in a Sunday tweet.

Joan Walsh admits lack of Twitter self-discipline

“OK, I have to stay off Twitter today to write. I have to. I wish they’d lock my account for 48 hours…bye!” — Salon’s Editor-at-Large Joan Walsh in a weekend tweet. Walsh is a regular on MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

Betty Ford Jokes: Too soon?

“Personally, I think the revelation that @stephenfhayes offered Betty Ford a Maker’s Mark should be trending on twitter.” — National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg in a weekend tweet after news of Betty Ford’s death broke. The Weekly Standard‘s Stephen Hayes remarked on Twitter previously, “It was at the 1996 GOP convention, shortly before Pres Ford spoke. I offered her Maker’s Mark. #idiot”

Media consultant prefers drugs to airport monotony

“This is brain. This is your brain on drugs. This is your brain after six hours waiting at an airport. I prefer drugs.” — Digital media consultant for JRC and former TBD GM Jim Brady in a weekend tweet.