Good Morning America Accuses Today Show Of Doping Floyd Landis Interview

Producers at Good Morning America are fuming over an exclusive live interview they thought they had with Floyd Landis — the American cyclist who since winning the Tour De France has been the subject of doping allegations — that was effectively stolen by the Today Show, which ran a pre-taped Matt Lauer interview with Landis this morning before GMA ran theirs.

A publicist for Landis forwarded this statement, attributed to the American cyclist: “I’m disappointed that NBC’s The Today Show chose the tact of pre-empting the live segment we offered Good Morning America and ABC. In a gesture of courtesy, we said we would pre-tape NBC’s segment with Matt Lauer only if it ran after GMA, who provided us the original opportunity. It’s unfortunate they breeched our agreement, which questions NBC’s integrity.”

An NBC news staffer tells TVNewser: “I find it interesting in light of Mr. Landis’ situation that he would question anyone’s integrity right now.”

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