Good Magazine Needs Help With Its LA Issue

Good magazine is attempting to solve Los Angeles. For its upcoming “City Issue,” the magazine is asking the question: “How do we turn a sprawling 20th century beast into the city of the 21st century?” Not surprisingly, they need some help.

Here’s what they’re asking:

1. Steal this idea. Tell us about your favorite Los Angeles-based person, business, organization, or movement working creatively to solve a problem. Ideally, their method or concept is something that could inspire people in other cities, even if it’s not an exact template. Here’s an example: Common Ground and the 100,000 Homes campaign are working with the United Way and the L.A. Housing Authority to find and house the most vulnerable homeless people in the city (and the nation).

2. Fix this problem. Tell us about an L.A. problem—be it catastrophic or relatively small—that you want to see fixed. You don’t need to have a solution in mind. Here’s one: Because of budget cuts, the Watts Towers, the architectural treasures standing tall in South L.A., face a future without caretakers and the Watts Towers Arts Center is in need of funding.

We’ll do our best to include as many problems and solutions as possible in the pages of the next issue. If enough people read it, then maybe those good ideas will spread—and some of those problems will start getting fixed.

More info on the project here.