GOOD Launches New Community Funding Website

GOOD has launched a new web platform geared towards funding community projects here in Los Angeles. Called the GOOD Maker, the site solicits project ideas from Angelenos and publishes them. Site users then vote to determine which project gets funded.

GOOD‘s Brian Spina further explained the concept to us: “GOOD Maker is GOOD’s new platform for supporting cool people doing cool stuff. In short, GOOD (and/or a partner) puts up some money, users submit a project that needs funding, and the community votes for the winner. We are launching this product in Los Angeles (our home city and the city we love) and are offering $2,500 to a winning idea.”

It’s like the American Idol of community building. Journos, these projects could include you too.

“[T]he beauty part of this particular fund,” says Spina, “is we have it really open and are really looking forward to seeing all sorts of unique and great ideas for LA. We would love the journalistic side of this{.]”

Submit your project ideas here.