Good Job, Posties

A staff email from Len Downie:

    Congratulations and thanks to everyone in Metro, Style, Photo, News Art, News Desk, Continuous News Desk, Washington Post Radio, News Research, News IT, News Administration and volunteers from elsewhere in the newsroom (including frustrated voters who told us their stories) who helped produce two days of great coverage of the momentous District and Maryland primary elections. And thanks to those in other sections who helped make it possible for us to meet our deadlines and do extensive front page zoning that served our readers so well. The front page was zoned more these past two days than ever before. Washington Post Radio provided an exciting new dimension to our coverage, especially its live reporting, with help from CND and Metro, of the voting problems in Montgomery County. added features like Mark Fisher’s blog. Metro’s campaign coverage (including the Virginia Senate race) has been outstanding all along, as has National’s coverage of the campaign for control of Congress, with its new web dimensions. Onward to November.