San Diego Film Critic Channels His Inner John McClane

We wrote last month about the elaborate and successful effort by a pair of San Diego friends to recover a stolen iPhone. Today comes word of a similar scenario involving San Diego Reader film critic Scott Marks.

It all went down last night at a food court and mall environs, prior to a press screening of A Good Day to Die Hard. A hoodlum grabbed journalist Rebecca Murray’s smartphone and ran, followed in hot pursuit by her, Marks and their colleague David Pinson. Per Marks:

Like a schmuck, I grab onto the guy hoping to detain him until the fuzz arrive. He takes one look at me, socks me in the shoulder, and makes a mad dash to the getaway car parked in the Off 5th lot.

At this point I say to myself, “F*ck it! Becky’s safe and she has her phone back. I don’t want to play anymore.” I light up a butt, catch my breath and slowly saunter over to the parking lot just in time to watch the bastards drive off in the direction of freedom.

The full blog post has many more details and ends with a reminder that even when contrasted to such frightening real-life events, there’s nothing worse for some than an unruly movie theater patron. We’re glad to hear that Marks and co. are OK.
[Photo courtesy: 20th Century Fox]