Good Afternoon FishbowlDC Readers

Dear Readers, Apologies for the delay today…I was conducting a very off-the-wall and charm-filled interview. More on that later…Betsy


This photograph is via @WestWingReport. It’s the Oval Office as seen from the White House Rose Garden.

Mr. Blitzer’s wild ride

“What a wild ride! I was in Pyongyang yesterday morning and at the Wizards-Bulls game in DC tonight.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a Wednesday tweet. Read Politico media writer’s Keach Hagey’s interview with Blitzer on his trip to North Korea here.

Tschida alone with puppy and holiday blues

“Alone with puppy, christmas music. Holiday sadness pulling me down. Like a warm hand… around my throat.” — ABC7’s Stephen Tschida in a Wednesday night tweet. (But don’t feel too sad for him — he’s having a huge holiday party tomorrow night with lots of guests, a caterer, a bartender and holiday cheer.)

Walter Tapper is okay

In Facebook updates from ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper earlier this week: “3 year old tells me our cat @WalterTapper got out the door and ran away. “Where’d he go?” I ask. She says: “To college.” And later: “For all those who have expressed concern, no, @WalterTapper did not run away. Daughter has developed an odd sense of humor, not sure how. ;)”

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Since 4:45am, I have eaten a banana, a bowl of granola, & a pack of Snackwells. Explains a lot about my current mood. #discontent” — Metro Weekly Co-Publisher Sean Bugg in a Wednesday tweet.