Gondry Goes Japan


This writer is grumpy. Real grumpy. He was supposed to be on vacation this week, albeit with the occassional work breaks to do things like write for this site. Unfortunately, it’s been just one thing after another. He got sick, his car broke down and had to be towed, and then last night, his laptop just decided to up and die. So there’s been a lot of aggrivation in the air. Luckily, that was briefly put aside when we found this piece from Ping Magazine, which is an always reliable source for a pick-me-up. It’s a half-interview/half walking tour through the Asakusa neighborhood in Tokyo with Olivier Gondry. We’ve always loved the brother of the super-famous other Gondry and have always sought to quickly correct people when they talk about a music video that the two co-directed together, but only the big-time Gondry gets credit for it (that’s the kind of geeks we are). So it was with great pleasure to see a big feature on Olivier and catch him in a rare, pretty relaxed interview. Bravo Ping! Bravo!