Goldsmith Award Honors D.C. Teams

It’s going to be a big year for reporting awards in Washington, it appears.

A whole host of Washington nominees in the Goldsmith Investigative Reporting prize, and Washington politics throughout.

Copley’s Marcus Stern and Jerry Kammer are up for their reporting on disgraced former congressman Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham.

The NYT’s James Risen and Eric Lichtblau picked up a nomination for their NSA wiretapping reporting–controversial not just because of its implications, but also because the reporting was held for a year.

At the Washington Post, the investigative reporters picked two nominations: Susan Schmidt, James V. Grimaldi and R. Jeffrey Smith for their Jack Abramoff reporting, and Dana Priest for her CIA secret prisons expose. Speaking of Schmidt/Grimaldi/Smith, they picked up the Worth Bingham Prize.

“The Abramoff affair may be the biggest and sleaziest scandal since Watergate; it would still be going on if not for The Washington Post,” said Al Hunt, a Bloomberg News managing editor who was one of the judges. The Copley team above picked up an honorable mention.

The Goldsmith Award, worth $25,000, is one of the pricier and bigger awards out there.

Of course the bigger question is what more do Rosen, Schmidt, and Priest have up their sleeves for 2006? Will the next year be an even bigger award for their work?