Goldman Sach's Analyst Comparing iPad to PC Sales? Say What?

You’ve heard the saying that you shouldn’t compare apples to oranges. So, why are some people comparing Apple iPads to PCs (desktop or notebook computers)? All Things Digital reports on a Goldman Sachs analyst who is apparently doing just that.

With iPad, Apple Will Claim 12 Percent of PC Market in 2011

Goldman Sachs’s Bill Shope, who says exploding sales of the device may well make Apple “one of the largest vendors in the global personal computing market” – assuming you define that market as including both PCs and tablets.

If Shope were comparing the old Microsoft Windows based Tablet PC to other PCs, I would not have any issue. The Tablet PC is simply a PC with a touch screen and, sometimes, lacking a physical keyboard. The iPad, Android, and other 2010 era tablets, however, are not the same as the Tablet PC in that respect (thankfully, I might add). On the other hand, let’s take this comparison further and bring in Nokia. Despite its falling marketshare, Nokia still sells more phones than any other manufacturer. Let’s all their phones PC (in fact, Nokia does call some of their high end phones mobile computers) and declare Nokia the winner in the “PC” race. Dumb idea? I agree.

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