Glove a Challenge? Here’s One for You Product Designers

This is no ordinary challenge. In fact, it’s not likely to surface in any reality show soon. Still, it’s deadly serious. A matter of life and death. Don’t cue the drama music like you heard on Project Runway. No, this task is the 2009 Astronaut Glove Challenge. Excited? You should be. Just think: your fashionable and practical design could see space and defy gravity. Wow! Now the site isn’t clear about the entry fee or a deadline or even the reward, so it might be a good idea to email the organizers. However, Peter Homer, an unemployed former aerospace engineer, claimed the first inducement in the NASA-backed Centennial Challenges competition by constructing a finer astronaut mitt in May 2007. Here are some details: the glove must reduce hand fatigue, improve manual dexterity, and finally be lighter and more durable. Volanz Aerospace (not Tim Gunn) is conducting the challenge. Make it work!