Gay Radio Show Billboard Vandalized a Second Time

A mid-city billboard for The Craig & Robbie Hour, a gay-themed talk show broadcast online every Thursday at 5 p.m., has been defaced for a second time.

Per a report by LA Weekly’s tireless crime tracker Dennis Romero, the incidents occurred within the space of a few months. The show’s broadcaster also allegedly has an idea of who might be responsible for the vandalism:

The same thing happened – the billboard was painted over – several months ago, says Global Voice Broadcasting (GVB). The company says the matter has been reported to the LAPD.

The billboard is at Beverly Boulevard and Formosa Avenue, near Hollywood. The broadcaster has a theory about who’s behind this, but it’s one that unsubstantiated and, thus, one we can’t repeat.

GVB broadcasts two channels of music and talk programming from a studio at nearby Sunset Gower Studios. Co-hosts Craig Olsen and Robbie Laughlin addressed the vandalism on-air during last week’s November 8 broadcast.

Given the phallic nature of the object being grasped by both hosts in the image and a shall-we-say somewhat pronounced lower-body disposition, there’s also the question of whether such a billboard is suitable for display in a heavily residential area.