Media Metrics Firm Ranks LA a Top Fashion Capital

Based in Austin, Texas, the delighfully named eight-year-old operation Global Language Monitor keeps an eye on the “intersection of technology and the word.” This week, they have honed in on fashion terms for another annual ranking of world fashion capitals.

It’s good news for LA, a repeat at number five, and even better news for riots-beleaguered London, which has halted New York City’s 2006-10 bragging rights streak to claim the top spot. All thanks to GLM’s “NarrativeTracker:”

NarrativeTracker analyzes the Internet, blogosphere, the 75,000 print and electronic media, as well as new social media sources. The [fashion] words, phrases and concepts are tracked in relation to their frequency, contextual usage and appearance in global media outlets.

The San Francisco Giants may have the World Series title, but on this list, their home turf is #37. It’s actually the first time the City by the Bay has appeared on the GLM list.