GLMPS for iPhone Captures Video Preceding a Photo & Shares Both

Some digital cameras provide a low-resolution still digital image taken from a video as a companion to digital video footage to serve as a kind of static visual anchor point. The free GLMPS app for the iPhone spins this notion on its head and attaches a few seconds of video that preceded the taking of a digital photograph.

GLMPS (iTunes App Store)

The combination of the video and the high resolution photo can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or email. And, as you can see below, the video/photo combo can be embedded on a web page like this one. The still photo is also stored in the iPhone’s Photo app camera roll. However, the GLMPS video is not stored there along with it.

GLMPS is a clever app and service. I can imagine a lot of people will find it interesting for a variety of situations including recording moments with their children, sporting events and parties.

Sample Glmps

Via TechCrunch: New iPhone App Provides a Glimpse of the Moments Before a Photo is Taken