Adult Filmmaker Outed by Edward Snowden Coverage in the Middle of Second Developing Scandal

Get ready to read a whole lot more about New York gay porn entrepreneur Jake Jaxson.

Just before the July 4 holiday, Jaxson – under his real name, Jason Buchtel – posted a remarkable Tumblr item about his previous business partnership with Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian reporter who broke the Edward Snowden story. He was belatedly responding to reports on BuzzFeed and in the New York Daily News about his past dealings with Greenwald.

Buchtel details his struggles with the media attention and how it led him to reveal to his parents, for the first time, that he is now operating gay porn websites. He also explains how the burgeoning X-rated sideline started:

Like many, I came to the adult space by accident. With Master Notions, the company I co-owned with Glenn, we were on the forefront of developing online “street” and viral marketing, and we had taken on a few adult clients… I really enjoyed being able to work in a strategic space that had no boundaries, where we could see immediately what worked and what did not work — not the long tail approach to more traditional marketing.

It was only a matter of time before my partners and I saw that running our own customer friendly adult sites – built on customer satisfaction and loyalty – was a lucrative business. So we began acquiring properties in the adult space and is now the crown jewel.

Today, Buchtel/Jaxson is in the middele of another sensational international story, this time involving an expelled Royal Winnipeg Ballet School dancer. As reported by the CBC (and destined for large-point headlines in the Daily News, New York Post and beyond), Danish-born 22-year-old Jeppe Hansen says he was forced out from the 2012-13 RWBS ranks after the school discovered he has been making videos for Jaxson’s website under the pseudonym Jett Black.

Hansen, who has relocated to NYC, makes no excuses for having segued from the austere world of ballet to the steamy environs of gay porn. Jaxson is also quoted in the CBC story. Read the full, fascinating item here.

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