Glenn Beck Annotates New Novel For Copia App Readers

Authors Glenn Beck and Harriett Parke have digitally annotated their new novel, Agenda 21. Readers who purchase the book through Blaze Books (which is powered by the social reading platform Copia), can read the annotations with Copia’s app.

Just as DVDs come with director’s commentary, Beck and Parke’s “author’s cut” will reveal insights and inspirations that led to creating this futuristic thriller.

The release has more: “Starting on Monday, November 26, anyone who has purchased Agenda 21 from either site, will be able to access comments posted by both Beck and his co-author Harriett Parke in the margins of the eBook. For five consecutive days, fans will be able to ‘read-along’ as the authors add more comments each day.”

Along with reading author’s comments, Copia’s platform also lets readers share their own comments  and points of view about books as well. Readers can join or start digital book clubs and discussion groups around particular books, authors and genres.