Glassboard for Android & iPhone: Private Group Sharing

Soon Twitter and Facebook became popular services that looked and worked much like them emerged to meet the demand for closed private social messaging. (formerly Laconica), for example, is a Twitter clone while Yammer provides a Facebook-like experience in a private setting. Glassdoor appears to provide a closed audience take on Google+ Circles. The difference is that while Google+’s Circles is one-way (only the Circle creator knows who is in a Circle), members of a Glassdoor “Boards” are aware of being in a group. However, groups are independent and walled off from each other.

Glassboard. Private group sharing done right

Glassboard has free apps for Android and iPhone. A Windows Phone app is planned but not currently available. There is no desktop app or web interface.

Glassboard (iTunes App Store)

Glassboard’s website does not provide any information about pricing. However, this statement was posted on Glassboard’s Facebook page:

Glassboard is completely free, and then later on we’ll add paid versions with major feature enhancements. Never gonna show ads!

Via The Loop: Glassboard lets you setup private groups using the iPhone