Give Them An Inch…

Year of the Washington Post blog, eh Jaffe? Maybe not so much if these kind of problems can’t be sorted out.

You see, the problem with allowing comments on your blog is that, well, people will use them.

So it was on the Washington Post’s, where an innocent blog entry announcing their new Maryland blog — Maryland Moment — generated (as of this writing) 843 comments about almost everything and anything having to do with anything but Maryland politics.

Case in point:

    Dear Washington Post:

    Don’t look now but your fourth estate is crumbling. Badly. Makes me have to ask: Just how bad are the naked photos the White has of you all?

The commenters became more emboldened when some comments failed to appear and when the Post deleted a few comments that were off-topic (note to Posties: What is the blogosphere if not random?). The site in general appears to be poorly designed: Try cutting and pasting text from it…not easy.

The Post noticed the problem and now says it’s fixed.

Which means that everyone can go back to saying such wonderful things as:

    Howell, shameless shill.
    Can the tart.