Give Thanks for Richard Sherman’s Rant Against NFL Media Relations ‘Hypocrisy’

Anyone who still doubts whether Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is a sharp dude should check out this “press availability” he scheduled with fellow Seattle player Doug Baldwin yesterday.

He hits the NFL on several points regarding its hypocrisy:

  • The NFL sued Marshawn Lynch $100K for refusing to talk to the press but won’t allow players to discuss their own sponsorships
  • The league doesn’t allow players to sign deals with alcohol companies despite the fact that such companies are its own biggest sponsors
  • The league talks a good game on concussions but clearly doesn’t place the health of its players atop its priorities list

Unsurprisingly, the NFL had no response…but the Internet did!

This morning, Darren Rovell of ESPN defended the league by noting that players do benefit from the league’s deals with sponsors like Budweiser.

Several journalists were not amused, either: Mike Florio of NBC Sports writes that “Sherman’s remarks lumbered clumsily through issues of hypocrisy and greed that entail far more nuance that he gave them” and argues that media relations enable the league to pay its players ridiculous amounts of money.

In an even more critical piece, Ed Sherman writes for The National Sports Journalism Center that “Marshawn Lynch is fairly clueless”:

“All he has to do is mutter a few short answers, throw in a cliché or two, and he’s out the door. It really isn’t that difficult.”

Fair point, though we have a feeling the NFL and its players would be doing fine without those cliches.