Give Sprint Credit for Giving You Credit for Recycling Any Phone From Any Carrier

Sprint gets a lot of negative press for its subscriber retention and revenue issues. But, give them credit for still trying to do the right thing (in my opinion)…

Sprint Expands Its “Buyback” Program; Customers Can Trade in Any Eligible Cell Phone, Even from Other Carriers, for Account Credit

Sprint customers can receive account credit for recycling up to three cell phones per active line of service. The recycled phones don’t have to come from Sprint. They can be from any manufacturer or carrier. These phones can be turned in at any participating (key word) Sprint-owned retail store in the U.S.

Credit amounts can vary widely. For example, a LG VX9000 Env2 will get you $35.59 while a BlackBerry 9700 Bold will fetch $161.05 when returned. You can find more information about this program at: