Girl Scout Cookie Locator for iPhone & iPad. Need I Say More?

As we approach the end of winter and anticipate the beginning of spring, there’s one thought that comes to the mind of many people in the U.S.: Time for Girl Scout Cookies! If you need help dealing with your cookie fix, check out this free and official app:

Girl Scout Cookie Locator

Your iPhone or iPad can lead you right to the nearest source of your favorite Girl Scout Cookies. If you are not sure which cookie to buy first, the app provides information about each cookie type.

Personal request: Having spent many weekends over many years helping my daughter’s girl scout troop with cookie sales, please be nice to the kids and parents. The cookie sale involves a lot of work to setup and a lot of encouragement to the very young scouts to be brave enough to give their sales pitch. They tend to get braver and more polished as they get older 🙂

And, if you are wondering: Thin Mints are, by far, the most popular cookies. Nothing else even comes close. Oddly, they are not my favorite. For me it is three-way tie between Do-si-dos, Lemon Chalet Cremes, and Samoas. Yum!