‘Nice Little Hottie’ Ginger White Back On Cain Train

Ginger White — whose name only sounds like that of a porn star — is causing more problems for former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain.

In an interview with Daily Download, White says she’s writing a book about the alleged affair she had with Cain. In the book will be the proof no one asked for.

“My thing was, okay, I’ll take advantage of you before you take advantage of me. Let’s flip the script,” White told Daily Download. “I’m not gonna be your nice little hottie…You want to take my time away from my kids, my family, I’m going to make you sort of pay for it just a little bit. I know that sounds harsh.”

Late last year White’s affair claim was the final knell in Cain’s campaign. She was the last in a line of women who came forward to say Cain had acted inappropriately with them in the work place. Cain, who is married, denied all of the claims but ended his campaign shortly after they were made public.

Cain’s attorney Lin Wood again denied the affair to Daily Download. “Herman Cain has consistently and unequivocally denied the accusations by Ms. White,” he said. “They are not true. The fact that Ms. White continues to seek media attention for herself from her new residence in Washington, D.C., raises additional and disturbing questions about her credibility, her motive and her real agenda in making these false allegations.”

Watch the interview… here.