Deseret News Gilbert: “Optimistic about the industry? No”

Fresh off the heels of cutting 43 percent of Deseret News‘ staff, CEO Clark Gilbert spoke to a Dallas, Texas advertising conference about the future of media. Lets just say he doesn’t have very many good things to say about the media industry right now.

To start off, he expects only 1-in-10 old media outlets to survive the switch to digital that nearly every organization will eventually need to undertake as print advertising and circulation crumbles. “Optimistic about the industry? No, not at all,” said Gilbert, according to Net News Check.

He added: “What I find repeatedly is that the traditional medium overwhelms” the website. “And that will always make sense (to the traditional medium) … until you’re dead.”

He just sounds like a ray of sunshine, though, he may prove himself right once all is said and done. According to Gilbert, his reorganization plans are working swimmingly. One of the television station sites ( now holds a 64 percent market share in the area. Although that seems really high, it beats out the local Craigslist site according to Net News Check.