Getting to Know MoMA’s Paola Antonelli a Little Better

Earlier in the year, it seemed like you couldn’t visit a single blog without running into some posting about the MoMA‘s extremely popular “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibit. But while we were all busy looking at the oohs and ahhs of the thing, who could really ever forget the brains behind the whole thing? Fortunately, BaseNow is giving us a little more, as they’ve treated us to an interview with Paola Antonelli, the MoMA’s Design Curator and founder of that exhibit along with dozens of others. It’s a brief conversation with her, but well worth your time, covering all sorts of topics. Here’s a bit:

B: Describe three different, typical days out of your work year.

PA: I try to keep some days completely free in order to think and meet with my collaborators, and I pile everything in other days. So one day would be just easy, another would be: 6 a.m. wake up, 7 a.m. gym, 9:30 a.m. office, some computer time, and then meetings every hour or half hour (sometimes they last two hours when they are official MoMA briefings), on and on, plus drinks and dinner. The third typical day would be on the go for business trips.

For more on Antonelli, we highly recommend watching her TED Talk or reading another interview with her over at designboom. We should also remind you of how sexy her headshots are.