Getting The Most Out Of Conferences

Your customary blogger might be off enjoying South by Southwest, but she still found the time to write a handy article about SXSW, as well as other conferences on the horizon. Not surprisingly, getting the most out of a big conference requires more than just showing up, and Rachel has some useful tips to keep in mind:

Coming out of the gate with, “‘Hi, I’m Melissa, and I want a job with you,’” says [Melissa] Fireman, will get this reply: “Well, so does everybody else in the room.” Instead of thrusting your card or resume in your contact’s face, invite him or her for coffee, a drink, or even lunch. Once you’ve got that initial connection, you can maintain it through email, social media, or something else: “It’s nice to bring some note cards with you and just write them a thank you note and leave it at their room for them,” says Fireman.

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