Gettin’ bloggy with it

To all blog watchers out there: apparently the 2006 Bloggies are upon us, or more specifically the nomination period thereof. Since you’re all hep to the blogosphere and down with Web 2.0 you probably knew that, but if not here’s your chance to vote for your FAVORITE Mediabistro blog! (I know, it’s so hard to pick just one!). But wait, you don’t have to – you can nominate us all. Oh, hooray! Check it out and see what categories you think apply – sadly, despite the fact that Sarah (GC), Eva (UnB) and Rachel (FishB) are Canadian, we’re not eligible for Best Canadian Weblog (I went with sharp-eyed media watchdog with Regret The Error). I’m sure you have all sorts of favorite blogs so go forth and enjoy! Nominations close tomorrow, because the web is viral so they assume people hear about this stuff fast.

Sixth Annual Weblog Award, aka The 2006 Bloggies [The Bloggies]