Want More Retweets? Use Hashtags, Photos, Exclamation Marks (And Tweet In CAPS) [STUDY]

Want more retweets?

Sure, who doesn’t, right? Well, here’s what you need to do. Use hashtags – in fact, the more the merrier. Always include a photo with your tweet, as it helps you stand out. Exclamation marks at the end of a sentence can pay dividends, as can actually asking for your followers to retweet your message.

And if you really want to sit back and enjoy the spoilers, consider tweeting ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

(I guess Kanye West is not as stupid as he seems.)

These suggestions come courtesy of a new study from TrackMaven, who analysed 1.7 million tweets from 1,423 Twitter profiles to determine what works to boost retweets.

Here’s what they found.

1. Tweet On Sundays (And After Hours) To Get More Retweets

2. Use More Hashtags

3. Including A Link? Stick It At The End Of The Tweet

4. Always Include A Picture

5. Ask For A Retweet (Not An “RT”)

6. Get Really Excited!!!!


This is a very detailed study and I urge you to check it out in full here. As with everything in the social media space, boosting engagement (and this includes retweets) is as much of an art as it is a science, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. However, it’s worth experimenting with one or two of the findings in this study to see if they work for you.

(Source: TrackMaven.)