Get it done with Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an iOS and Android app from 6 Wunderkinder. It’s recently been updated to its second major version, and this new “2.0” version has been featured by Apple in the New & Noteworthy section on the front page of the App Store. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store and Google Play, with no additional in-app purchases.

Wunderlist is a list-making app designed to aid with productivity. It’s cross-platform, too, allowing users to sync their lists between the iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web-based versions of the software using a proprietary account that can optionally be connected to Facebook. It supports all the standard, expected features of a good quality to-do list app, including multiple lists, subtasks (lists within list items), notes, due dates, reminders and repeat tasks. The interface is simple, intuitive and easy to navigate, and provides the option for users to customize it to a limited degree by selecting different background graphics. The chosen background persists across all the different versions of the app if the user connects them all to the same account.

The Facebook connectivity carries an additional benefit — the ability to set lists (though not individual tasks, strangely) as collaborative projects to which others can be invited. Collaborators may be invited from a list of recent contacts used within the app, drawn from the device’s built-in contact list or from the user’s Facebook account if they have connected it. Once the friend has been invited and has started using Wunderlist, they will be able to create, remove and check off items in the chosen list. Members can then be managed from within the list, so once collaborators have finished their contribution or been removed from the project, their list-editing capabilities can be revoked.

Wunderlist is an excellent app that is all the more remarkable for being completely free. Its cross-platform functionality seems to work smoothly and quickly, with tasks being synced between devices without a hitch during testing. It also has an intelligent interface that only brings up lists for “starred” or due items when necessary, helping to reduce clutter — particularly important on the small screen of a smartphone. It is easy to manage lists and collaborate with others — though given the ability to split any given list item into a list of subtasks, it would be nice to have the option to share just an individual task with others.

The app has been received very positively by App Store reviewers, too, with many commenting that it has replaced the default iOS Reminders app in their normal workflow. It is more fully-featured than Realmac Software’s Clear, a popular paid listmaking app that has been receiving positive attention recently, but the two apps are clearly designed for different styles of working — Clear is designed for those who enjoy minimalist, gesturally-controlled interfaces and have no need or desire to attach detailed metadata to a task; Wunderlist is a better tool for those who prefer to manage projects in a more comprehensive manner or collaborate with others. Both are good replacements for the standard iOS Reminders app, and both are well-produced, useful productivity tools. The fact users can download and try Wunderlist for free may just end up giving it the slight edge over some of its rivals, however.

Wunderlist is currently ranked at No. 347 in Top Free Apps and No. 11 in Top Free Productivity Apps in its iOS incarnation; on Android, meanwhile, it is ranked at No. 99 in the Productivity category. Facebook lists the app as having 70,000 MAU, 20,000 WAU and 4,000 DAU, though this may not reflect the complete userbase as not all of them may have opted to connect their accounts to the social network.