Geraldo: armed, mustachioed and dangerous

Geraldo: armed, mustachioed and dangerous

Speaking of The Atlantic, the June issue contains a Geraldo Rivera profile by Sridhar Pappu wherein Geraldo gives Pappu a tour of his various houses (one of which, is appropriately made of glass), boats, islands, etc., and reiterates his pledge to find and kill Osama bin Laden:

I asked him whether he had made his Osama pledge for effect, or really meant to deliver it. “They won’t let me carry a gun, so what am I going to kill him with?” he said. “A Swiss army knife?”

But when I brought the subject up again a few weeks later, Rivera seemed very serious. “I would still shoot him,” he said. “I will still shoot him. They won’t let me carry a gun. But I should have just carried a gun and fucked everybody.”

At least it’s somewhat reassuring that someone somewhere is capable of not letting an armed Geraldo run around Afghanistan. (Better not tell him about Dexter Filkins.)

The only thing more frightening than that quote was the sheer amount of time that Pappu seems to have spent with Rivera:

p. 82: goes boating with Geraldo
p. 92: tours Geraldo’s house(s) in Riverside, New Jersey
p. 94: spends several hours in the office of Craig Rivera, Geraldo brother and producer
p. 95: spends the days before Christmas with the Rivera family in Puerto Rico
p. 98: sitting in an Upper East Side restaurant having Bloody Marys over brunch

Does forcing the reporter to practically move in with Geraldo constitute abuse-of-correspondent? (But better that than a drive-by we-had-coffee-for-half-an-hour profile. Or is that just the Stockholm Syndrome talking?)

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