GeoSpot Deepens Local Search

GeoSpot has launched its Deep Local Search service nationwide, for both the Internet and mobile Web.

The service lets users search for local restaurants and businesses using what the company claims is an “unparalleled depth of richly defined searchable business data.” Users can search for things like businesses that are open at a particular time, those that provide specific products or services, accessibility, what credit cards are accepted, recurring events like happy hour, kid- or pet-friendly establishments and even if it’s a “green-certified” business. And that’s only a sampling.

Since its beta release with info limited to the San Francisco area, GeoSpot has expanded to include major metropolitan areas and thousands of other cities across the US and intends to continue growing its searchable locations.

In addition to offering Deep Local Search directly to mobile and online consumers, GeoSpot also licenses its deep content and local search engine to location-based application and platform developers.