George Takei, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Quentin Tarantino and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for Actor and Director Pages

George Takei leads this week as top gainer in the People Talking About This metric for actor and director pages. The Star Trek celebrity has over 4.2 million in total PTAT and continued this dominance, growing another 858k this past week.

This list is compiled with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth 
1    George Takei 4,210,260 +322,456 +858,207
2    Joseph Gordon-Levitt 649,338 -1,405 +616,966
3    Quentin Tarantino 243,759 -5,344 +174,874
4    Channing Tatum 427,186 +17,967 +157,997
5    حكمة محشش 413,713 +33,025 +138,642
6    Hugh Jackman 218,056 +3,661 +107,751
7    Hank Azaria 106,675 +2,036 +105,231
8    成龍 Jackie Chan 936,100 +36,121 +104,559
9    Charlize Theron 167,861 +703 +102,921
10    Mercy Johnson 193,316 -31,501 +102,151

George Takei only has 3.6 million page Likes, but manages 4.2 million in PTAT. These impressive numbers are due to the virality of his posts. His posts receive a large amount of shares, which can then increase the page’s PTAT as friends of fans share posts without Liking the page.

All of this engagement is organic as Facebook would not approve photo posts with more than 20% text as News Feed Ads. The majority of Takei’s page posts do not follow this rule, but still receive incredible rates of engagement. This is mostly due to his place as a key influencer on Facebook. For more information about George Takei’s incredible Facebook influence, learn more with this article in the Facebook Marketing Bible.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt saw the majority of his engagement from a photo post with Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliff, taken during the Academy Awards. It has earned over 391k likes and 14,775 shares. This post has had a long post life, still receiving engagement almost two weeks after the original post time.

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