George Noory Interviews a Self-Proclaimed Extra-Terrestrial

Another fascinating Coast to Coast AM conversation

E.T., phone Coast to Coast AM. That’s not a joke. That’s the short summary of the second half of the Thursday night edition of George Noory’s widely syndicated overnight radio program.

When Noory was profiled in February by The New York Times, he described himself as “a facilitator of the truth, wherever that takes us.” Last night, thanks to guest Dale Harder (pictured), that approach led the show to a most unusual place.

As Noory reminded listeners before the interview segment began: “We’re not judgmental. We don’t take sides. We try to present the information, so you can decide.” The host’s measured impartiality is indeed one of the foundations of Coast to Coast AM. From the episode notes:

Engineer and ufologist Harder contends that he himself is an alien born in human form. He has memories of his birthing process on a craft of the Pleiadians (humanoids that come from a planet in the Pleiades star system), and as an infant he was left at Catholic Charities, with no record of his parents. At an early age, he found he had psychic abilities and was able to hear others’ thoughts. Harder said he was brought here more than 60 years ago, as part of a vanguard group to help raise the consciousness of the planet, as Earth moves to a higher level of frequency.

His communications with the Pleiadians can take the form of telepathic messages in his head. He also uses lasers to physically flash their ships in the sky (during hours when normal jets aren’t flying), and their craft will typically signal him back with a number of flashes, he says.

Harder, who is based in Parma, Ohio, says it wasn’t until the age of 56 that he finally accepted this idea of himself. Now 62, he told Noory there are many other Pleiadians on planet Earth besides himself.

Harder worked at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland for 12 years and also once toured as a professional singer. When he spoke in 2014 with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, it was in connection with his involvement with the oldest English-speaking bonsai club in the world.