George Lois Would Not Have Sex With An iPad | Larry Flynt Will Show You Who Served Under U.S. Presidents, Literally | Have Fun Getting Drunk Tonight, You Shameless Tourist

The Observer: George Lois, former art director for Esquire and current smart person, thinks the magazine’s covers are now hell of stupid. He’s also not terribly impressed by the iPad.

The Washington Post: Larry Flynt, peddler of poon and champion of free speech, is teaming up with Columbia University lecturer David Eisenbach to write One Nation Under Sex: How the Private Lives of Presidents and First Ladies Shaped America.

The L Magazine: Those manning NYC’s free hangover-fighting food truck will promise not to judge you when you awaken on Wall Street in a pool of what you hope is your own florescent green waste.

UnBeige: If you are talking about designer Karl Lagerfeld’s rumored retirement, then you are probably fat and poor, says Chanel.

GalleyCat: Here is a video of famous author Margaret Atwood singing a song for a movie musical about hockey. Sure. Why not.